deform to form a star

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    1. grace for drowning'den en sevdiyim masterpiece. bu albomdan favori sechmek chox chetindir chunki raider ii, index, postcard kimi (mene gore) her biri masterpiece olan parchalara sahiblik edir. sadece derindeki en ince hisselere toxunan ve en chox huzur veren, raider ii'nin dehshetli tesirinden sonra her shey yaxshi olacag temali bullshitle yox, bir gun star form'a deform etmek arzusu ile insani heyata donduren musiqidir.

    oh once in a while
    i learn how to smile
    horses shadows and rain on stone

    no god here i'm sure
    this must be the cure
    for all this carrion and aimless drift

    retreat from the begging
    and invites to the wedding
    revelation means nothing here

    in time we forget our
    need to devour
    all the stories of tortured souls

    crawl into your arms
    become the night forever
    coiled and close, the moment froze
    deform to form a star
    here on earth together
    i got time to share and a well used stare

    this smile isn't pure
    certain or sure
    cold precision was never there

    the way we uncoil
    return to the soil
    flaws are everything and chaos reigns

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