deathspell omega

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    1. fransız black metal qrupu. nitsşe, satanizm, metafizikadır əsas mövzuları. ən fəlsəfi mahnılarından biri
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    Many spells and rituals exist to create curses but there is one for mankind’s obliteration. Life is slowly fading as we sacrifice ourselves. The vermin prevalence must come to an end. Every year one of us must die. Our dark souls are a gift to Satan. Tonight it’s my turn to commit suicide but I’ll bring thousands of humans with me. Generations of satanic hordes passed away for this cause, breeding a catastrophe, or a genocide and other massacres. No one knows this curse. When it is complete, the planet will burst. When my soul comes before the Gates, my King will make me become a Demon. Invisible for everyone, I’ll spread an utter terror and kill as much as I can. I will be the breath of Hell, a small and short piece of the awaited Armageddon. I’ll come back to my dimension waiting for the next step of the malediction. And inside the church, fire surrounds me, yet I stay silent. An immeasurable feeling of hate and destruction is transcending my spirit. Now my trip begins, now I am unleashed, now you have to die.

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