poseidon's creation

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    1. eloy qrupunun ocean albomunun ilk hissəsi. insanı uçuran klaviş və gitara sololarına malikdir.

    when the mighty sons of the spheres beyond
    distributed the elements of earth
    they laid down the foundation-stone
    of highest spiritual birth
    which ever existed since thousands of years
    but is lost now in the future and past
    lightyears away from our daily tears
    those unperceived moments which always last

    poseidon became lord of earthquake and seas
    master of oceans and all their wealth
    god of an island, there lived a family
    with a daughter of beauty and health

    atlantis was the island's name
    greatest treasury of all times
    human eyes didn't ever see the same
    silver and gold, fertile hills, woodlands and plains
    it was situated in front of the strait
    they call "the columns of herakles"

    kleito was the daughter's name
    a princely virgin of clearness and love
    so poseidon fell in love with her
    and built a shrine on the mountains above
    surrounded by a golden wall
    and inside he placed his holy law

    son of god and daughter of earth
    they created ten sons, human creatures
    who've been of supreme beings at birth
    of pure essence and perfect features
    what a divine possibility to overcome evil
    so listen what man did!

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