nightmare of the belle

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    in one snowy winter day
    i got the chance to know one little and charming girl
    with brilliant eyes that shine on your face

    each of her sight
    put me under a spell
    of this tender belle
    she chose my mind as the spot to dwell

    But there was something she wanted to share
    it was the fever that tough to bear
    for this tiny girl it's unfair
    from time to time
    she gets some nightmare

    How this beauty can
    deserve this severe pain
    How this little body can
    get it again and again?
    This hurricane

    if only i was able to
    take away your strain
    keep yourself so warm
    just some days will pass
    and the time will soothe the storm

    Despite of splendid smile
    i can see that darkness
    which lives in your inside
    where lots of mysteries hide

    it was very long time
    that the big secret followed your life
    and you didn't know how to strive

    This kind of state is rare
    All people were unaware
    so, within past two decades
    Anyone did not know why
    she gets some nightmare

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