back in the trash

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    1. by inheritance albomundan artillery mahnısı

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    ıt just isn't what you do - that - leads you where you are
    excuses ı have heard - over - from you
    ıf you really would you - might just have a chance
    ıf you really could - you - might just have a hope
    your life - your song - isn't worth a damn
    so go - escape - do the best you can

    this place looks so familiar, you've been here before
    every little brick you know, you're back once more
    struggling hard to keep away, from this your private hell
    knowing it's no use to cry, escaping from this spell

    all through the years, fighting to survive
    find yourself a manhole, and breathe to stay alive
    all things that you could have done, pounding in your head
    now you're back where you belong, wishin' you were dead

    all you want is to stay away
    all you get are glints of the past
    you know from this smell of decay
    you know that you're back in the trash

    and when the night comes, the gutter is your bed
    and when the sun shines, you'll try to hide your head
    there's just no help here, no one looks your way
    there ain't no welfare, the question is: will you survive the day?

    you just can't ignore the fact, that you are sinkin' slow
    everyone around you can see you've lost the glow
    there's no point in actin', you can't hide it anymore
    you're vulnerable to eyes, they look at you and you feel sore

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