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    1. *english version of sözaltı günlük.

    she had such a face that if you stared more than a second you would either faint or fell under her spell

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    08.09.2022 03:41, timidus
    2. scene scene scene. scene will eat you alive and vomit like you were nothing. and if you survive you might only feel worse. vicious circle where people tried to find themselves but some just lost it. no closures only betrayals.

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    08.09.2022 15:48, timidus
    3. forgot I had some shroom chocolate before sleep last night and woke up tripping to this view they're like daddy what's wrong with you are you breathing okay, do you need anything and I'm like yea mfckers I want u to stfu stop fighting and be quiet untill my 5pm alarms and stop staring at me as if I am a lunatic?
    - sure papi pls chill the fuck out and go back to your fancy dreams now u miserable human we know it's hard to be human u guys are cursed species with and intelligence u think u got it or smth, not gonna start dostoyevskying on you so pls just go back to sleep?
    oh not to mention that u guys are so miserable that u choose all your depressed writers best in the world. fucking drama queens. fuck schopenhauer. oh and fuck that schrödinger guy too?

    1 əjdaha!

    12.09.2022 11:39, timidus
    4. -cheats on her boyfriend with his close friend who cheated on his girlfirend,
    -becomes lover,
    -wanna get married,
    -claims to be free woman, reports her boyfriend every compliment or offer she gets from guys, calls it being honest in relationship.
    -doesn't even know that you can't either be free or a woman when you're 21

    1 əjdaha!

    14.09.2022 02:32, timidus
    5. here is a flag for you. we couldn't feed your son, couldnt give him a better education or employment so we had to send them to our meaningless war calling it a justice for our lands even though rest of the country is struggling with poverty while we are taking a good care of your treasures. here is a flag for you. our dirty meaningles flag to keep you hypnotized, hope it eases your pain. in fact you should be thankfull that we put them out of their misery. I mean come on now, maybe it is the best for your kids to be dead than alive in this tyrany and despotism.

    22 əjdaha!

    16.09.2022 01:58, timidus

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