a salty dog

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    2. procol harum'un eyni adlı albomunun giriş mahnısı. başdakı qağayı səsləri dənizin qoxusunu hiss etdirir

    "all hands on deck, we've run afloat!" i heard the captain cry
    "explore the ship, replace the cook: let no one leave alive!"
    across the straits, around the horn: how far can sailors fly?
    a twisted path, our tortured course, and no one left alive

    we sailed for parts unknown to man, where ships come home to die
    no lofty peak, nor fortress bold, could match our captain's eye
    upon the seventh seasick day we made our port of call
    a sand so white, and sea so blue, no mortal place at all

    we fired the gun, and burnt the mast, and rowed from ship to shore
    the captain cried, we sailors wept: our tears were tears of joy
    now many moons and many junes have passed since we made land
    a salty dog, this seaman's log: your witness my own hand

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