the worm & the tree

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    1. something magic albomundan procol harum şahəsəri. hətta deyərdim qrupun ən gözəl mahnısıdır. ağacın içinə girib onu yeyə qurdun və ağacın hekayəsini danışır. sadəcə danışır. musiqili vokal yoxdur. başdan ayağa şer kimi gedir. aradakı instrumental hissələr və sololar isə hekayəni insanın damarlarında və iliklərində hiss etdirir. bu da hekayə:

    into a great tree a small worm did go
    it wormed its way inwards and soon it did grow
    the tree was unhappy but what could it do?
    it stood there in silence: the worm grew and grew
    the tree was unhappy but what could it say
    the worm kept on growing the tree sank away
    the worm was so greedy it ate more each day
    and each day it ate more the tree shrank away
    the worm was so loathsome it felt no disgrace
    the birds had been silenced the sun shunned that place
    and all of the forest grew fearful to see
    what terrible fate lay in store for the tree
    the worm grew so monstrous its greed knew no bounds
    the smell was so awful if poisoned the ground
    and all of the creatures that lived in the wood
    were sickened and starving the worm spoiled their food
    the birds would not sing and the sun could not shine
    the forest lay dirty and blackened with grime
    now down in the forest a young man went riding
    he passed by the great tree and saw it was dying
    the leaves and the bark were all rotten and rife
    the tree had been poisoned and drained for its life
    he stripped of a piece of the bark of the tree
    and straight'way he know what the right cure should be
    the man built a fire and chopped down the tree
    the worm started screaming it could not break free
    it trashed and it lashed but it could net break loose
    trapped in that tree like a thief in a noose
    the worm burst asunder a vile smelling crust
    he hacked it to pieces and burnt it to dust
    the forest seemed clearer and peacful at last
    like after a storm when the rainclouds have passed
    and although the great tree was fallen and dead
    they knew from the ashes a new life would spread
    yes although the great tree had fallen and died
    they knew from the ashes a new one would thrive
    now years may have passed since the tale ı have told
    yet the truth of this story does still seem to hold
    although from a great tree a small worm may grow
    that eats it with poison and tortures its soul
    the worm can be killed yet the tree be not dead
    for from the roots of the elder a new life will spread

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