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    2. the aerosol grey machine albomundan van der graaf generator mahnısı.

    i want to paint you poems full of fire,
    you who I do not know.
    now my mind is tested with love which
    twists and wavers from side to side and which
    some day soon you may see...
    i want you to cascade through ten thousand
    rainbows with me and dredge mount
    from the sea:
    you who I now begin to know.
    but emotion is pent up inside,
    too scared of dying again to live,
    and meanwhile I must endure your
    red-copper hair screaming like a
    water-baby black eyes stare
    from my ceiling:
    you who I now truly know...
    now I cannot see too clearly
    and already my trellis stands bare...
    how can I break free of these overclinging
    arms which entwine and enfold me?... And reach
    to the clear blue sea?
    i want you to know, but how can I
    tell you? I want you to see
    but my o
    wn eyes are blind...
    the Octopus now enfolds me,
    i know you too well...

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