the endless enigma

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    1. trilogy albomundan 3 hisseli elp musiqisi

    the endless enigma (1)
    the endless enigma (2)

    Why do you stare
    Do you think that i care?
    You've been mislead
    By the thoughts in your head

    Your words waste and decay
    Nothing you say
    Reaches my ears anyway
    You never spoke a word of truth

    Why do you think
    I believe what you said
    Few of your words
    Ever enter my head

    I'm tired of liver for freaks?
    With tongues in their cheeks
    Turning their eyes as they speak
    They make me sick and tired

    Are you confused
    To the point in your mind
    Though you're blind
    Can't you see you're wrong
    Won't you refuse
    To be used
    Even though you may know
    I can see you're wrong
    Please, please, please open their eyes
    Please, please, please don't give me lies

    I loon? all of the earth
    Witness my birth
    Cried at the sight of a man
    And still i don't know who i am


    I've seen paupers as kings
    Puppets on strings
    Dance for the children who stare
    You must have seen them everywhere

    Each part was played
    Though the play was not shown
    Everyone came
    But they all sat alone

    The dawn opened the play
    Waking the day
    Causing a silent hooray
    The dawn will break another day

    Now that it's done
    Are we going to see the reason why I'm here

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