the light from deep darkness

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    1. eloy qrupunun aşmış floating albomundan daha da aşmış olan 14 dəqiqəlik bir musiqi uçuşu (sözlərlə ifadə etməyin çətinliyi)

    out of the depth of nothing
    in nobobdy's time
    the earth was created
    the first morning starts
    sun appears in the sky
    winds stroking waves
    evening shadows tumble down
    eclipse the sun of life
    herald the night
    burning lights arise
    people take their places

    dance a merry round
    they live without fear
    help each other in their way through life
    tomorrow we'll see
    they forget life's goal
    destroying their future

    if you see in the sky above
    the sun is black
    you see up there in white
    the moon gets red
    you fall down on your knees
    the earth is gone
    so far you will never see it again

    they come from darkness
    right into my light
    unknown fields of signs in my mind
    they made contact with my conciousness
    told me words of other worlds
    come let us see distance of feelings
    anxious dreams dreams so near i feel full of fear

    i tell you about my experience
    trust in your power follow the light
    it's so easy to find it around you
    guess where it comes from hold it in your hand
    check up your thinking throw off your doubts
    learn to swim in the sea of confidence
    i'm understanding the meaning of the words
    they told me when i was young

    but the day will come
    when the sun is black and the moon is red
    the earth is going down
    see the day come, thousands of people run
    re-calling former times i know so well
    the time is near the light of darkness shines
    till the end of our time from this day

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