atlantis' agony

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    1. eloy qrupunun ocean albomunun 4-cü hissəsi. tam adı "atlantis' agony at june 5th-8498, 13 p.p. gregorian earthtime" şəklindədir. bu hissədə yer vaxtı ilə 8498-ci ildə tanrıların yenidən qərar verməsindən bəhs edilir.

    and so the gods decided:
    great is the fear for you,
    when your eye takes the field against those
    who tried to raise against you.
    make your eye go down
    and strike the mutineers with disaster.
    the eye shouldn't rest in your forehead,
    now it has to go down as "hat-hor"...
    ... and the eye of "re" mounts down
    from his divine brow - down there on earth
    and strikes them with disaster...

    spirits darken the sky,
    the divine guided missile is on it's way, and it's especially
    directed by:
    "emnasut" - first genius of the sun-sphere
    "gomah" - first genius of the venus-sphere
    "ebvap" - first genius of the moon-sphere
    "aschmunadai" - first genius of the earth-sphere

    we do not know, but they do, and they remember
    a liquid fire appears in the sky
    the flash of life is radiating
    the flash of death - we're surrendered
    it's light shines - shine on!

    a mind power made the rocks sink
    and by this power the mass of stones will surface again
    legends kept the secret of their wisdom
    and soon it will all be revealed,
    soon it all will be revealed

    we are a particle in the ocean
    lost and safe like a tear,
    we are born and lost in the ocean
    where is mercy with our fear?!

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