open your eyes

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    1. 1983 - cü il çıxışlı asianın alpha albomundan gözəl mahnı
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    Sözləri :

    What on earth are you doing here, in the western world?
    Another situation yeah you're a different girl
    You have lived your life dreaming you were someone else
    Succeeding's believing in yourself

    Open Your Eyes
    And see the world that stands before you now
    Open Your Eyes
    And see the world that stands in front of you

    You have spent your days trying something new
    You have looked at magazine girls wishing that they were you
    Do you see in photographs an angel that once was you?
    Does she tell you stories that are true?

    If I could stand with you right now and speak my mind
    I would tell you no lies
    I would shoot straight between the eyes

    You have stared a thousand times right into the lens
    Have you ever thought just once, does it all make sense?
    Your beauty's eternal so don't just pretend
    Got to wake up girl, or it's the end

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