piece of mind

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    1. curved air qrupunun second album albomundan dəfələrlə dinlənə bilən və heç yormayan 13 dəqiqəlik bir əsər.

    now turning again, turning away from the light
    doors open then shut, corridor footsteps at night
    wake up in the bed with the screens
    see faces that smile as you dream
    see things come to call as they crawl on the wall
    and you know it's the end
    to them it means nothing
    to them it means nothing
    to them it means nothing to them at all

    seems we're on two different wavelengths
    misinterpreting, you realize
    what this age of insanity, lack of humanity brings
    you know I couldn't even tell you my name

    faces watching through the darkness
    seems like nothing can dispel my fears
    of endless rejection by beings ethereal
    you know it's just about as bad as it can

    now I feel a little better
    seems the walk has done me good, you know
    i feel I'm beginning to see the existence of
    you know I never even found out quite what

    now I really feel I'm flying
    far beyond my wildest dreams to be
    alive in this prison of torturing ecstasy
    you know at first it never seemed to relate

    the river sweats
    oil and tar
    the barges drift
    with the turning tide
    red sails wide to leeward
    sawing on the heavy spar
    the barges wash
    drifting logs
    down greenwich reach
    past the isle of dogs

    let your hopes begin to falter
    see your dream begin to fade, for in
    this age of enlightenment, 20th Century man
    you know he'll never ever let you go back

    maybe one day we'll be happy
    living life the way we see it through our
    visions of fantasy, harold in italy
    you know i think i'll just go back to my dreams

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